Monthly Archives: September 2014

Bad Blogger

Well… I guess I fell off the wagon.

By “fell off the wagon,” I really mean, “flung off the wagon with enough force to kill a man, then tossed down a steep ravine, never to be heard from again.”

Sorry, guys.

Things have been relatively (read: super) hectic around here, and even though Summer felt endless at times, it really went by remarkably quickly. It felt like one minute, we were celebrating Carl’s pre-k graduation with a pizza party and an adorable end of year show, then a week later, we were packing up his bookbag and laying out his uniforms. There were definitely days that I felt were absolutely, incredibly, mind-blowingly¬†neverending,¬†days I would’ve given my right arm for bedtime to be pushed up by, say, four hours, but we had a good Summer on the overall. Lots of lounging around, playing outside, being lazy, and not living and dying by the clock, which is all good in my book.

Now that school is back in session, we are back at the mercy of the clock, and it seems like my watch has become my very best friend. I look at that thing so often, you’d think there was a picture of Channing Tatum on it. The hustle is definitely back in full effect, and it seems like we are all feeling the crunch. As Carl eloquently put it, “school is tricky.” Yes, son, school can be tricky. He is enjoying it, though, and demonstrating that he luckily inherited my brain, because he is doing really well. I mean, I’m really good at Kindergarten stuff. Not trying to brag. Just saying.

I recently volunteered to become Carl’s Room Mom, and in the spirit of doing too many damn things at once, I also decided to restart my blog. Again. For the third or fourth or tenth time. Luckily, I only have like, seven readers, so I’m not disappointing too many people. I really enjoy writing, and with all three of these wackos running around and running me ragged, it is sometimes (read: always) difficult to find the time and energy to write. Hopefully I will be able to fit more blogging into my schedule. I have had a few requests to restart this thing, so let’s see what happens! Maybe I’ll stay motivated this time. You know what they say, the eighth time is a charm.