Weekend Recap

Normally, people post weekend recaps on a Sunday night, Monday the latest, but since I obviously think I’m pretty slick, my weekend recap is sliding in through the backdoor with its lipstick smeared and a hickey on its neck on a Tuesday night.

Last weekend was pretty eventful.  As everyone knows, Friday was Halloween, and despite the fact that I had Halloween hyped up in my head as something I’d need at least two weeks and a couple Valium to recover from, it went surprisingly smoothly.  We trick or treated in our neighborhood, and even though the last few years, Halloween has royally blown as far as trick or treaters and neighborhood participation goes, this year was starkly different.  The trick or treaters were out in droves, and the kids got to fill up their buckets with lots of delicious candy.  I know it was delicious because I ate most of it.

Carl dressed up as a werewolf, Leland dressed up as Donatello, and Mallory was a candy corn.  They really seemed to enjoy their costumes, and they kept all of the elements of their costumes on the entire time we trick or treated.  I thought that Carl would for sure chuck that hairy werewolf mask out of the wagon five minutes in, but he did great, even though it looked like he was wearing a giant toupee that covered 87% of his face. They were on their “trick or treat!” and “thank you!” A-game, and I was so glad, because the last thing I wanted was for my kids to be those senseless heathens that walk up to the door and stand there with a slack jaw and a glassy look, waiting for candy to drop into their buckets via osmosis. Once we filled up our buckets, Carl took over candy distribution at the house. This part went as well as you could possibly expect when you have a sugared up 5 year old handing out candy to other sugared up, costumed children. When I realized he was heaving whole handfuls of candy into these kid’s buckets, I reminded him that we were only giving out two pieces to each child. Have you ever seen the movie The Green Mile? When Percy, the prison guard, brings in John Coffey? And the whole time he’s walking him to his cell on death row, he keeps shouting, “dead man! Dead man walking!” Well, that’s what Carl was acting like. “TWO PIECES! TWO PIECES ONLY! TWO PIECES!”

After we finally ran out of candy, the Candy Nazi was able to come inside and we were finally able to go to bed and put Halloween 2014 in the history books. The next day, I bravely took both kids to the local indoor bouncehouse place and to a sit-down dinner at a local pizzeria by myself. That was also surprisingly pleasant. The kids sat and actually ate their pizza, let me eat my pizza, and by the end of dinner, I was thinking, “if these kids keep this up, I’ll have to shut down my blog because there will be nothing left to write about.”

Today was a teacher planning day, and we spent most of the day out back. We just had a teacher planning day not even two weeks ago, and I’m wondering what exactly these teachers are planning, because I’m beginning to think they’re really planning how to drive me batshit insane, because filling an entire day with activities for all three of these scallywags is enough to make me get all twitchy. Luckily, the weather here has been beautiful, and the kids have been taking advantage of being outdoors in such mild, nice weather.

Tomorrow is Leland’s 4th birthday. I can’t believe he will already be 4 years old- I remember the day we brought him home from the hospital so vividly. We have a small celebration at home planned, with just immediate family, and a homemade chocolate cake and some presents. I also plan to make his favorite for dinner tomorrow night- meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Then, hopefully, we can have a little time to get back in the swing of things and catch our breath before Mallory’s birthday and Thanksgiving come along like a steamroller- that is, unless they spring another teacher work day on me.


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